Perspective in Motion

The landscape of communication has changed. One person’s idea can circle our planet in seconds. When I post an idea on a social media platform and get notifications, likes, or comments from people in India, Germany, and China- a larger sense of the world immediately floods my consciousness.

The entangled interconnectivity experienced because of the internet, reinforces the philosophy of unity and “oneness” shared among so many of the world’s thinkers.

Recently, I was lucky enough to sit in the front row of a of a talk hosted by physicist Nassim Haramein. He dissected the space we occupy, the time we share, and the information we exchange as elements in a vast network of space-memory.

Walking out of his lecture I felt my mind pulse as synapses were forging new pathways in my brain. I visualized the possibility that my own experiences could encode the physical universe with retrievable memory for myself and others to use. Metaphysical RAM that I could access and contribute to simultaneously, everywhere around me.  “Biodigital jazz,” if you’re a fan of Jeff Bridges’ character in the movie Tron Legacy.

Whether building a virtual world, or trying to dissect this one, (some might say the two are the same) credit must be paid to the way social media platforms have accelerated the consciousness of connectivity.

The posts that we create, like, and share become perspectives through which we experience the world. Each picture, video, or article becomes a memory anchor that helps define a moment for others who engage in the content.  And, as we experience each other’s memories, those memories become our own.

The world wide web may have been meant to connect people across great distances- and in that venture it has excelled. But I think the full potential of the technology will be realized far in the future. Historians may one day use quantum cloud data to retrace events from their precise origin, and analyze every associated reaction following it for millennia. Someday the collective experiences of mankind might be catalogued in a neural network, as each person’s life-long contributions become a single synapse entangled in space memory and available for download.

All of this possibility because we like to share our perspective with our friends online.

It is from this creative paradigm that Odyssey Collective Studio was founded. We share our perspective with you, so it may enhance the perspective for everyone.


Babaji Leonard is an artist, a writer, and a thinker. He has founded Odyssey Collective Studio to share his perspective, as well as collaborate with like-minded people around the world.

If you would like to share an idea, become a contributor, or schedule a creative session, please fill out a contact form here.

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