Why Travel?

I travel because I want to see how different the light looks in other people’s eyes. I create because I want to share my experiences. That’s just who I am.


It took a bit of work detaching from the web I knew in Austin, Texas, but I knew the world was waiting. A few packed bags and four flights later and I’m in Australia- the farthest place from home I could reach. (Save for South Africa, maybe.)¬†

Each passing day the bright sun peels back another layer of my skin like an onion bloom. Here the persistent creek and caw of the diverse wildlife just outside my window is a reminder of the distance I’ve come.

“Everything here can kill you,” our pleasant hosts remind us.

But death is just as certain sitting on a couch at home.

And so it goes. As the Aussie sun sets, someone else’s sun is rising. Heed the call of adventure, share the story, and live well.

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