Noosa Heads, Australia

Just down the walkway from Noosa Head there is a small collection of tide pools.

Only a handful of other people were quietly collected at the waters edge. Jennifer and I detached from the main trail and made our decent.


The surf broke lazily on the rocks surrounding the pools and salt spilled into the air. I held my breath and submerged my body into one of the salty basins to find a soft sandy bottom. The muting, pulsing silence that enveloped me was embryonic.

A heartbeat longer and the sting of carbon dioxide reminded me to return to the surface. A heavy exhale and I was back in Queensland again, breathing in the atomized saline all around.

I climbed out.

The sun set and as the tide swelled past our knees, it was time to retire to the faint glow of the town just a few kilometers behind us.


The night moved in rhythm with the sea and we bathed in the yellow gold of string lights floating above our heads.

One by one, candles were illuminated by restaurant owners as they lured travelers to dine at their best tables.

The breeze was kind and carried one last whisper from the rocky coast on the edge of everything.

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