Photo Edits

Memory is subjective and heavily influenced by feeling. By editing a photograph, the memory of a moment can be restored to the feeling of when the photo was captured.

Gone are the days of manually dodging photos in a dark room. Photographs today are digital and the tools to edit them are too. I employ different techniques to restore and enhance a photograph for a variety of situations.

As you observe the transformations below, consider editing your own photos and watch as the memories you preserved come back to life!

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This image was edited for the cover of an online magazine. The warm glow and friendly text invite readers to visit the articles within.

World-class destinations fill up quick during busy season. To advertise a unique beachfront, extra work goes into creating an idyllic setting.

A simple edit can convey a finished product to investors, and tourists alike. This property needed images for their website, before construction was complete.

Drone photos capture angles that would be impossible in some circumstances. Still, the cameras on most portable drones suffer from lack of an advanced aperture control. After careful adjustments on this landscape, I was able to revive an otherwise lost frame.

Adding a highlight and a small flock of birds can balance composition and add energy to a landscape photo.

The weather doesn’t always cooperate during a photo shoot. Luckily after certain corrections the scene is filled with drama, instead of  haze.

The lighting was flat thanks to an overcast day. By increasing the contrast and removing other tourists, I created an image that is more dynamic that before.

This photo was almost lost to over exposure. Luckily this image taken at Pai Canyon, Thailand was recovered.

These photos were taken at sunrise east of Munduk, Bali in 2018

Hanging vines and roots give the Balinese jungle much of its charm. However in this photo they felt too noisy.



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